NPP-93s Single multifunctional leakage protector

NPP series Multifunctional anti-electric protection device.

Product Features:
1. Prevent electric shock; children will not get electric shock when inserting metal conductor into socket unconsciously.
2. Prevents people from being immersed in water and electric leakage; you will not get an electric shock when you pull or insert the electrical plug with wet hands. When the appliance is immersed in water, it will not leak and hurt people. The appliance will not be damaged. The water heater will not hurt people when it leaks.
3. Prevent fires caused by aging of electric lines;
4. Lightning protection; the product has a built-in high-voltage device, which can effectively prevent the damage of electrical equipment caused by lightning.
5. Anti-radiation; it can shield the electromagnetic radiation generated by electrical appliances during use.
6. Weaken the noise; can reduce the noise generated by electrical appliances in use.
7. Voice alarm for overvoltage and undervoltage; overvoltage or undervoltage will cause damage to electrical equipment, reducing replacement.
Product working principle: current absorption technology shields current leakage and shields electronic waves.
Anson Electric specializes in manufacturing Multifunctional anti-electric protection device.



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