NLP-I25 surge backup protector

NLP-I25 series of surge backup protectors can realistically break the passing power frequency current and lightning current, which can effectively protect the SPD from extremely short-circuiting due to abnormal transient overcorrect, and avoid serious fire accidents.

The power frequency current and lightning current passing through are actually disconnected, effectively protecting the SPD from degrading and causing the SPD voltage to drop below the power supply voltage and increasing the power frequency current to avoid serious fire accidents.

When the SPD has a lightning current passing through, the external tripping will not cause malfunction, so that the lightning protection of electrical equipment is always in an effective state.




1.The NLP-I25 product adopts a gapless through structure.

  1. No residual voltage-(residual voltage of conductor)
  2. Use range without malfunction ()
  3. With independent main circuit system auxiliary, system and tripping system.
  4. Complete specifications to meet the requirements of T1, T2, T3 SPD.
  5. With instantaneous and delayed tripping functions, the tripping current is accurate.
  6. There is a test function (press the T test button once a month), which can verify the integrity of the trip system at any time.

8.35mm guide rail installation, in line with installation needs all over the world.


Technical parameter:

Specification model


NLP-I25(40) NLP-I25(80) NLP-I25(25G)


No tripping inrush current le


40kA(8/20us) 80kA(8/20us) 15kA(10/350us)


Rated current ln


20kA(8/20us) 40kA(8/20us) 100kA(10/350us)


Residual pressure Up

< 10V

< 20V < 40V < 100V

< 150V

Operating Voltage Ue

180V/415V AC

Power frequency trip current A

1A~5A (optional), regular 2A±5%

Power frequency trip time S

1S~30S (optional)

Current short circuit ID


Test button

Press once a month



Mounting screws


Installation location

In front of the surge protector

Link wire


Lightning protection level


T2 T1 T1


working environment

Temperature—25°C~60°C Relative humidity: <95% (under 25°C)

Storage environment





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