Surge Protection Device

Surge protection devices (SPD) Electrical power supply networks to IEC/EN (DIN rail)

Type 2 / Class C / Class II for use in AC power supply systems

Surge protection portfolio includes solutions for protecting systems up to 1,000 V a.c. against surges caused by atmospheric discharge and switching operations.

Type 2 / Class II
Ability to discharge induced voltage surges (8/20 μs). Suitable for the second level of protection in supply distribution panels in which Type 1 protectors are installed, or for the first level of protection for applications not exposed to direct strikes and with no external lightning protection system. EN 61643-11 / IEC 61643-11

anxele is the line of AC power surge protectors is designed to cover all possible configurations in low voltage installations. They are available in many versions, which differ in:

– Type 2
– AC network configuration (Single/3-Phase)
– Discharge currents (Iimp, Imax, In)
– Protection technology (varistors, GDT)
– Features (plug-in, remote signaling, compact)