Lightning protection backup protector

IC control identification function surge backup protector:

The NLP-I25 series surge backup protector adopts the technical solution: it includes an induction module, a processing module, an amplifying module and a trip module. The induction module is used to convert the alternating current in the line into the direct current that the IC chip can receive; processing module Receiving the current of the induction module, and processing the current, and outputting a command current when the current reaches a certain value according to customer needs; the amplifying module is used to amplify the command current output by the processing module to drive the trip coil for tripping; The trip module is used as the trip action of the surge backup protector.

The advantages of the NLP-I25 series surge backup protector are: it solves the potential safety hazards of the surge protector; the IC chip control method is used for trip control, the control is accurate and fast, and the recognition ability is strong; the tripping action is sensitive and efficient.