NCM2 series circuit breaker

Anson Electric Compact NCM2 is a complete 1 poles,2 poles,3 poles,4 poles fixed circuit breaker and Vigi add-on module designed to optimize space and breaking capacity. It is an optimal choice for all standard and specific applications.

The breaking capacity (Icu) is 25kA,36kA,50kA ,70kA rms at 415VAC 50/60Hz.

The operational voltage is 690VAC 50/60Hz.

The circuit breaker can be manually operated with ON, OFF or “push to trip” buttons.

This product embeds an electronic Micrologic 2.0 trip unit, with 25A~1600A rating. Micrologic 2.0 trip unit provides adjustable long time and instantaneous protections.

This 3/4 poles version comes with a variety of optional functions and accessories. It is compliant with IEC 69947-1 and IEC60947-2 international standards and marine specifications.