NEV-DC 80kw Double gun DC charging pile

NEV-DC 80kw Double gun DC charging pile

Adopting a nuclear power-grade high-power power module platform, the safety and reliability are higher;
The new high-efficiency three-phase PFC circuit topology is adopted, the power factor is greater than 0.99, and the harmonic distortion rate is ≤5%.
The high-frequency switching power supply module adopts full-bridge phase-shift soft-switching technology, and the execution efficiency is high.
The advanced digital current sharing technology effectively improves the current sharing accuracy and anti-interference; the first module sleep technology and the wheeling technology ensure the high-efficiency operation of the system;
Intelligent charging process control and perfect charging process monitoring and protection, fool-like operation;
A variety of charging methods such as timed charging, quantitative charging, fixed amount charging and automatic charging are available;
Real-time display of information such as the amount of charge, charging time, current electricity price, charging price, and operating status;
The RS-485 networking communication interface can be reserved, and the optional GPRS networking mode can be provided;
Module hot swap technology makes maintenance more convenient;
Working environment temperature -20+50 °C.
Scope of application
Integrated DC charging pile is suitable for urban public charging stations (bus, taxi, official car, sanitation car, logistics car, etc.) city public charging station (private car, commuter car, bus) city Various parking lots in residential areas, shopping plazas, power business places, etc.; intercity highway charging stations, etc.
The main technical parameters

Product number


Detailed specifications rated power


Charging equipment User Interface

7 inch LCD color display touch screen



Way of routing

Down and down

Equipment size
Input voltage


Input frequency


The output voltage


200-750V (constant power)

Single gun output current range



Cable length


Measurement accuracy

Level 0.5

Electrical index Current limit protection value


Voltage regulation accuracy


Steady flow accuracy


Ripple coefficient




Power factor

≥0.99 (50% load or more)

Harmonic content THD

≤5% (50% load or more)

feature design HMI

7 inch LCD color display touch screen, LED indicator

Charging mode

Auto full / fixed power / fixed amount / fixed time

payment method

Credit card payment / APP payment / scan code payment

Communication Interface

Ethernet 2/3/4G (optional)

Safety design Executive standard

GBT 20234, GB/T 18487, GB/T 27930, NBT 33008

security function

Charge gun temperature detection, overvoltage protection,

undervoltage protection, overload protection,

short circuit protection, grounding protection,

over temperature protection, low temperature protection,

 insulation monitoring protection, polarity reverse connection protection,

lightning protection, emergency stop protection, leakage protection

Environmental indicators Operating temperature


Working humidity

5%~95% non-condensing cream

Working elevation


Protection level


cooling method

Forced air cooling

Noise control



100,000 hours

Installation environment requirements
This series of DC charging piles is an outdoor charging pile that meets the IP54 protection rating.
Please ensure the ambient temperature is between -20 ° C and +50 ° C…

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