NBPV-2 PV Combiner Box


  • The IP55/IP66 design is used for outdoor installation
  • MC4 compatible input/output connectors for easy installation
  • DC fuse for each PV string with fuse links meet PV standard
  • DC isolator or DC MCB for isolation or over-voltage protection with inside operation
  • Anti-lighting and surge protector only for PV
  • Each channels has 6 sets of input/output connectors
  • The enclosure is made by polycarbonate and ABS, anti-UV or Stainless material





Anxele PV String DC Combiner Boxes are key components in the PV Solar power systems, which are placed between Solar Modules and the inverters.

Efficient Protection Grade IP65/66

Combiner box is waterproof, dust proof and anti-corrosion, withstand harsh environmental exposure.

PV Solar String Current Aggregation

Multiple string input, one string output, Available for -24 string, Max current 30A per string.

Effective Isolating

Series Isolator Switches, current 16A to 60A, Max voltage up to 1500VDC, widely meet the various demands from PV power systems.

Lightning Protection

NS1-PV40 Surge Protector Device with plug gable design, up to 1000VDC, 40KA, with lightning protection for PV power system.

Over-current Protection and Short-circuit Protection

SFPV-25B touch-safe fuse with LED indicator light the function is over current protection.

SFPV and EKM1 series circuit breaker, with the function of Short-circuit protection and over current protection, the Max current up to 630A, Max voltage up to 1000VDC


CasingPolycar onate(PC)
IP Protection Class(IEC60529)IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66
IK Impact Resistance Class(IEC62262)IK08IK08IK08IK08IK08IK08IK08IK08IK08
Electrical Properties
Max,Rated Voltage DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC1000V DC
Fuse Holder1000V DC 30A
DC Switching MCCB Capacity25A50A80A100A125A160A225A315A350A
Surge Protection DCType II In=20KA, Imax=40KA, Ucpv=1000V DC
Over-Voltage CategoryCat IIICat IIICat IIICat IIICat IIICat IIICat IIICat IIICat III
String Monitoring Device
Diode for the Function of Anti-Reflux
UV Resistancees
Number of DC inputs24681012162024
Connection Type DC InputPG09, IP68(MC4 Optional)
Input Cable Size for Negative and PositiveΦ4-8mm
Input Fuse10A 15A 20A 25A
Ambient Temperature Range HumidityTemperature: -20℃~+60℃, Humidity: 0-99%
Altitude≤2000m, 2000m Derating
InstallationWall mounting/Padlockable Latch
Weight4KG8 KG14 KG15 KG16 KG17 KG19 KG30 KG32 KG


Dimensions and Wiring Diagram

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