Empty boxes ABPV-P 0331

Empty boxes ABPV-P 0331

  • Max. installation depth with built-in mounting plate 150 mm,
  • with built-in DIN rail 135 mm
  • please order DIN rails, mounting plates or covers additionally
  • trilaterally combinable
  • 3 walls with metric knockouts for cable entry and assembly
  • lid hinges attached
  • with transparent, hinged lid
  • lid fasteners for tool operation
  • Material: PC (polycarbonate)
  • protection class: II
  • colour: grey, RAL 7035




Operating and ambient

ApplicationSuitable for indoor installation and outdoor installation, protectedagainst weather influences

However, pay attention to the climatic effects on the installed

equipment , for example, high or low ambient temperatures or

formation of condensed water see technical information

Resistant to occasional cleaning procedures (direct jet)Resistance to occasional cleaning procedures (direct jet) with high-pressurecleaner without cleaning additives, water pressure: max

100 bar, water temperature: Max. 80° C, distance => 0.15 m, in

accordance with IP 69 requirements, single enclosure without lid

equipment (no enclosure assembly), enclosure and cable glands at

Least IP 65.

Ambient temperatureMaximum value + 70 °CMinimum value – 25 °C
Fire protection in the event of internal faultsDemands placed on electrical devices from standards and lawsMinimum requirements

– Glow wire test in accordance with IEC 60695-2-11:

– 650°C for boxes and cable glands

– 850°C for parts of insulating material necessary to retain current

carrying parts in position

Burning behaviorGlow wire test IEC 60695-2-11: 960 °CUL Subject 94: V-2



Toxic behaviorhalogen-freesilicone-free

“halogen-free” in accordance with the examination of the cables

and insulated wires – corrosiveness of fumes – as per IEC 60 754-2

Note:Supplementing references regarding outdoor installation – harshenvironment and / or outdoor: – The materials used for the Mi

System are basically UV resistant, so that the mechanical

resistance of the boxes is maintained during UV effect. Depending

on the intensity of the UV effect e.g. transparent lids can become

in transparent. – The top side of the boxes should be protected by a

cover against weather influences such as rains, ice and snow. –

Further on, also chemical influences have to be considered with

the selection of the installation place – apart from the IP rating and

climatic effects. – In order to keep the maximum permissible

ambient temperature of the installed equipment as well as for the

prevention from condensation additional measures as ventilation

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