PCT-2-1T Compact Splicing Connector

  • Connect all conductor types without preparing them
  • Save valuable space
  • Increase safety through transparent housing
  • Combine any conductor types and sizes
  • Perfect for distribution applications thanks to mounting carrier
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use operating lever for tool-free terminations

New Mounting Carriers for DIN-Rails

  • Provide a secure fit for splicing connectors on DIN-rail
  • Simplify access to and assignment of connected conductors
  • Offer an additional marking option
  • Tool-free integration and removal of connectors
  • Suitable for all 221 Series Splicing Connectors




Suitable for all wire types

Quickly and easily connect all types of wires of different sizes with this small splicing connector up to 4 mm2.

The 2-, 3- and 5-wire connectors accommodate fine-stranded wires from 0.14 to 4 mm2, as well as solid and stranded wires from 0.2 to 4 mm2. This wide range allows you to connect different types of wires and enables bridging of wires with greatly differing cross sections.

Two test slots

Now you can perform testing from two different sides with the PCT Series – even when it is installed.

The PCT Series connectors have two test slots: One in the direction of wire insertion and one on the opposite side. These test slots ensure convenient testing, even when the connectors are installed and in varying installation environments. They also provide good contact for all standard test probes.

Very simple handling

These splicing connectors can be opened very easily and quickly.

The operating levers of the PCT Series require less force to be opened, enabling fast connection of wires – without the use of any tools! The recessed grips on the side also prevent slipping and make it easier to hold the connector while inserting the wire.

Wide range of applications

Every millimeter counts in electrical installations: Building technology requires more and more functions integrated into ever smaller spaces.

This results in greater wiring effort required for power supply and control of the systems. Separate junction boxes are also used less and less. The PCT Series connectors make connection of all types of wires directly into the device junction boxes easy and fast. Potential functions can be for electric blinds, door and gate controls and lighting systems.

Main technical Parameter and Mounting Dimensions

product name: Splicing terminal block-transparent
Wire diameter: Solid wire: 0.08-4mm²AWG 28-12
Stranded wire: 0.08-2.5mm²AWG 28-14
Voltage and current: 250V / 32A
Stripping length: 9 mm/0.35 inch
Product Size: 8×31.5×13.5 mm
material: PC/phosphor bronze

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