NRC7-100 2pole 6kA/10kA magnetic type RCCB RCD Maximum current16 to 100A for leakage protection

NRC7-100 Residual Current Circuit Breaker suitable for earth leakage protection of 16-100A,A and AC distribution system, large terminal port 35mm², both sides can use pin-type or U-type busbar; High safety performance, over 30 mA current, and power failure in 3 milliseconds; Independently developed and produced all parts and components independently.









Technical Data

Electrical Features
Mode Electromagnetic
Type AC, A, G, S
Rated current In 16,25,32,40,63,80,100A
Poles 2P(1P+N),4P(3P+N)
Rated voltage Ue 2P 240V~
4P 415V~
Insulation voltage Ui 500V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated residual operation current(I△n) 30,100,300mA
Rated residual making and breaking capacity (I△m) 500A(In≤40A), 10In (In>40A)
Short-circuit current Inc= I△c 6,000A/10,000A
SCPD fuse
Break time under I△n ≤0.1s
Rated impulse withstands voltage (1.5/50) Uimp 4000V
Dielectric test voltage at ind.Freq. for 1min 2.5kV
Electrical life 2,000 Cycles
Mechanical life 4,000 Cycles
Contact position indicator Yes
Protection degree IP20
Ambient temperature (with daily average≤35℃) -5℃~+40℃
Storage temperature -25℃~+70℃
Terminal connection type Cable/Pin-type busbar
Terminal size top/bottom for cable 35mm2 18-2AWG
Terminal size top/bottom for busbar 35mm2 18-2AWG
Tightening torque 3.0Nm 22In-lbs
Mounting On DIN rail EN60715(35mm) by means of fast clip device
Connection Power supply in both directions
Tripping Current Range
Type Tripping current, I△/A
AC 0.5I△n<I△<I△n
A Lagging Angle I△n>0.01A I△n≤0.01A
0.35I△n≤I△≤1.4I△n 0.35I△n≤I△≤2I△n
90° 0.25I△n≤I△≤1.4I△n 0.25I△n≤I△≤2I△n
135° 0.11I△n≤I△≤1.4I△n 0.11I△n≤I△≤2I△n
Product selection form
AC Type
Breaking capacity Poles Rated Current(A) Sensitivity
30mA 100mA 300mA
6KA 1P+N 16A NRC7-100-1N1630 NRC7-100-1N16100 NRC7-100-1N16300
25A NRC7-100-1N2530 NRC7-100-1N25100 NRC7-100-1N25300
32A NRC7-100-1N3230 NRC7-100-1N32100 NRC7-100-1N32300
40A NRC7-100-1N4030 NRC7-100-1N40100 NRC7-100-1N40300
63A NRC7-100-1N6330 NRC7-100-1N63100 NRC7-100-1N63300
80A NRC7-100-1N8030 NRC7-100-1N80100 NRC7-100-1N80300
100A NRC7-100-1N10030 NRC7-100-1N100100 NRC7-100-1N100300
3P+N 16A NRC7-100-3N1630 NRC7-100-3N16100 NRC7-100-1N16300
25A NRC7-100-3N2530 NRC7-100-3N25100 NRC7-100-1N25300
32A NRC7-100-3N3230 NRC7-100-3N32100 NRC7-100-1N32300
40A NRC7-100-3N4030 NRC7-100-3N40100 NRC7-100-1N40300
63A NRC7-100-3N6330 NRC7-100-3N63100 NRC7-100-1N63300
80A NRC7-100-3N8030 NRC7-100-3N80100 NRC7-100-1N80300
100A NRC7-100-3N10030 NRC7-100-3N100100 NRC7-100-1N100300
10KA 1P+N 16A NRC7-100H-1N1630 NRC7-100H-1N16100 NRC7-100H-1N16300
25A NRC7-100H-1N2530 NRC7-100H-1N25100 NRC7-100H-1N25300
32A NRC7-100H-1N3230 NRC7-100H-1N32100 NRC7-100H-1N32300
40A NRC7-100H-1N4030 NRC7-100H-1N40100 NRC7-100H-1N40300
63A NRC7-100H-1N6330 NRC7-100H-1N63100 NRC7-100H-1N63300
80A NRC7-100H-1N8030 NRC7-100H-1N80100 NRC7-100H-1N80300
100A NRC7-100H-1N10030 NRC7-100H-1N100100 NRC7-100H-1N100300
3P+N 16A NRC7-100H-3N1630 NRC7-100H-3N16100 NRC7-100H-3N16300
25A NRC7-100H-3N2530 NRC7-100H-3N25100 NRC7-100H-3N25300
32A NRC7-100H-3N3230 NRC7-100H-3N32100 NRC7-100H-3N32300
40A NRC7-100H-3N4030 NRC7-100H-3N40100 NRC7-100H-3N40300
63A NRC7-100H-3N6330 NRC7-100H-3N63100 NRC7-100H-3N63300
80A NRC7-100H-3N8030 NRC7-100H-3N80100 NRC7-100H-3N80300
100A NRC7-100H-3N10030 NRC7-100H-3N100100 NRC7-100H-3N100300
A Type
Breaking capacity Poles Rated Current(A) Sensitivity
30mA 100mA 300mA
6KA 1P+N 16A NRC7-100-1N1630A NRC7-100-1N16100A NRC7-100-1N16300A
25A NRC7-100-1N2530A NRC7-100-1N25100A NRC7-100-1N25300A
32A NRC7-100-1N3230A NRC7-100-1N32100A NRC7-100-1N32300A
40A NRC7-100-1N4030A NRC7-100-1N40100A NRC7-100-1N40300A
63A NRC7-100-1N6330A NRC7-100-1N63100A NRC7-100-1N63300A
80A NRC7-100-1N8030A NRC7-100-1N80100A NRC7-100-1N80300A
100A NRC7-100-1N10030A NRC7-100-1N100100A NRC7-100-1N100300A
3P+N 16A NRC7-100-3N1630A NRC7-100-3N16100A NRC7-100-3N16300A
25A NRC7-100-3N2530A NRC7-100-3N25100A NRC7-100-3N25300A
32A NRC7-100-3N3230A NRC7-100-3N32100A NRC7-100-3N32300A
40A NRC7-100-3N4030A NRC7-100-3N40100A NRC7-100-3N40300A
63A NRC7-100-3N6330A NRC7-100-3N63100A NRC7-100-3N63300A
80A NRC7-100-3N8030A NRC7-100-3N80100A NRC7-100-3N80300A
100A NRC7-100-3N10030A NRC7-100-3N100100A NRC7-100-3N100300A
10KA 1P+N 16A NRC7-100H-1N1630A NRC7-100H-1N16100A NRC7-100H-1N16300A
25A NRC7-100H-1N2530A NRC7-100H-1N25100A NRC7-100H-1N25300A
32A NRC7-100H-1N3230A NRC7-100H-1N32100A NRC7-100H-1N32300A
40A NRC7-100H-1N4030A NRC7-100H-1N40100A NRC7-100H-1N40300A
63A NRC7-100H-1N6330A NRC7-100H-1N63100A NRC7-100H-1N63300A
80A NRC7-100H-1N8030A NRC7-100H-1N80100A NRC7-100H-1N80300A
100A NRC7-100H-1N10030A NRC7-100H-1N100100A NRC7-100H-1N100300A
3P+N 16A NRC7-100H-3N1630A NRC7-100H-3N16100A NRC7-100H-3N16300A
25A NRC7-100H-3N2530A NRC7-100H-3N25100A NRC7-100H-3N25300A
32A NRC7-100H-3N3230A NRC7-100H-3N32100A NRC7-100H-3N32300A
40A NRC7-100H-3N4030A NRC7-100H-3N40100A NRC7-100H-3N40300A
63A NRC7-100H-3N6330A NRC7-100H-3N63100A NRC7-100H-3N63300A
80A NRC7-100H-3N8030A NRC7-100H-3N80100A NRC7-100H-3N80300A
100A NRC7-100H-3N10030A NRC7-100H-3N100100A NRC7-100H-3N100300A


Circuit Diagram

Installation size
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