NMC1-400 400A 1P Moulded case circuit breaker

Moulded case circuit breaker, 1p 400 amp
Function and Features
  1. Select material is excellent the flame-retardant material. Insulation performance is high temperature residant.
  2. Copper pieces of thick. Adopt and thick galvanized sheet copper. Not easy to silde wire electrical conductiity.
  3. The new more accord with the aesthetic. Nover appearance Color coordination.
  4. Wire facteing Not easy to slide wire. Uses the socket head screws.






Technical Parameter

Item Moulded case circuit breaker
Pole 1P
Rated Current In 400A
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Standard IEC60947-2
Rated operational voltage Un(V) 240/415V
Material PA66/PC
Installation Fixed
Breaking capacity 65KA
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