NL1-25B/275 4P Surge Protection Device


NL1-25B 4P Surge Protection Device

Integral housing combined lightning current and surge arrester for protecting three-phase TT and TN-S systems (“3+1” circuit)against surges.

  • Coordinated spark-gap-based lightning current and surge arrester
  • Maximum systems availability due to RADAX Flow follow current limitation
  • Capable of protecting terminal equipment
Technical data
SPD according to EN 61643-11 / IEC 61643-11type 1 + type 2 / class I + class II
Energy coordination with terminal equipment (< 5m)type 1 + type 2
Nominal a.c. voltage (Un)230 / 400 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Max. continuous operating a.c. voltage (Uc)275 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Lightning impulse current (10/350μs) [L1+L2+L3+N-PE] (Itotal)100 kA
Specific energy [L1+L2+L3+N-PE] (W/R)2,5 MJ/ohms
Lightning impulse current (10/350μs) [L, N-PE] (Iimp)25 kA
Specific energy [L, N-PE] (W/R)156,25 kJ/ohms
Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) [L, N-PE]/[L1+L2+L3+N-PE](In)25 kA / 100 kA
Voltage protection level [L-PE]/[N-PE] (Up)1,5 kV / 1,5 kV
Follow current extinguishing capability a.c. (Ifi)50 kArms
Follow current limitation / Selectivityno tripping of a 20 A gL/gG fuse up to 50 kArms(prosp.)
Response time (tA)< 100 ns
Max. backup fuse (L) up to IK = 50 kArms315 A gL/gG
Max. backup fuse (L-L’)125 A gL/gG
Temporary overvoltage (TOV) [L-N] (UT) – Characteristic530 V / 120 min. – withstand
Range of operating temperatures [parallel] / [series] (TU)-40…+80°C / -40…+60°C
Operating state / fault indication
Number of ports1
Cross-sectional area (L1, L1′,L2, L2′, L3, L3′, N, N’, PE, PE’) (min.)10 mm2 solid /flexible
Cross-sectional area (L1, L2, L3, N, PE ) (max.)50 mm2 stranded / 35 mm2 flexible
Cross-sectional area (L1′, L2′, L3′, N’, PE’) (max.)35 mm2 stranded / 25 mm2 flexible
For mounting on35 mm DIN rail acc. to EN 60715
Enclosure materialthermoplastic
Place of installationindoor installation
Degree of protectionIP20
Capacity8 module(s), DIN 43880
Structure Chart

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