NCM1-250DC 500V Molded Case Circuit Breaker

NCM1-250DC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

NCM1-250DC PV DC circuit breaker is designed to provide overcurrent within appliances or electrical equipment, where a branch circuit protection is already provided or not required. Devices are designed for direct current(DC) control circuit applications. NCM1-PV 2P DC500V/4P DC1000V specialized in Molded Case Circuit Breaker is widely used in solar power system.

  • Reliable protection at high ambient temperature
  • Loadable: string protection up to 125, size 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A; 250, size: 160A, 200A, 220A, 250A; 400, size: 320A, 400A
  • Tested: ultimate short circuit breaking capacity Icu of 25kA according to IEC 60947-2, NCM1-DC250 PV 2P DC500V/4P DC1000V specialized in Molded Case Circuit Breaker dc circuit breaker
  • Fast: Reclosable for minimum standstill times
  • Safe: reliable disconnector properties, switching under load
  • Approval: provide on request

Technical Parameters

NCM1 Series DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
Model NCM1-125DC NCM1-250DC
No.of poles 2P 2P
Maximum frame current 125A 250A
Electrical parameters
Rated operating voltage Ue 500V 500V
Rated current In(A) 60/80/100/125 125/160/200/250
Rated insulation voltage Ui 500V DC
Rated insulation withstand voltage Uimp 8KV
1 min power frequency withstand voltage 3.8KV 3.8KV
Ultimate breaking capacity Icu 20KA 20KA
Operating breaking capacity Ics 15KA 15KA
Tripping type Thermal-magnetictype
Control and indication
Operation mode manual operation Direct operation of switch handle Optional
Manual operation mechanism Optional
Electrical operation(MOD) Optional
Shunt release Optional
Auxiliary release Optional
Terminal protective cover Have
Interphase plate Have
Service life
Mechanical life 14000 14000
Electrical life 5000 5000
Protection class Side IP40, Connecting port IP20
Installation and operational environment
Standard ICE60947-2/GB14048.2
Ambient temperature -35℃~+65℃


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