GLS Magnetic Proximity Sensor



Easy-to-use, Simple Magnetic Proximity Sensor

• Permanent magnetic used to operate the reed switch.

• Ideal for detecting opening and closing of doors.






Model GLS-1 GLS-1L
Sensing distance 15 mm *1
Contact circuit SPST-NO
Switching capacity *2 Maximum operating voltage: 100 VDC
Maximum operating current: 0.1 A DC
Maximum switching capacity: 10 W (for both open and closed contacts)
Contact dielectric strength 250 VDC for 1 min with a leakage current of 1 mA max.
Response frequency 20 Hz
Ambient temperature range Operating/Storage: -20 to 60°C (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity range Operating/storage: 35% to 85% (with no condensation)
Contact resistance 150 mΩ 250 mW max. (including conductor resistance of lead wire)
Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC for 1 min between terminals and case
Life expectancy 50,000,000 times min. with 0.1-A resistive load at 24 VDC
Vibration resistance Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude for 2 hours each in X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance Destruction: 300 m/s2 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Degree of protection IP40 (IEC)
Connection method Terminal block Pre-wired (standard cable length: 1 m)
Materials Sensor ABS

*1. Notice that the actual distance is 15 mm min.
*2. AC power cannot be used.

Sensor (terminal block)


Note: Tighten each M3 screw of the terminal block to a torque of 0.59 N·m. max.

Sensor (pre-wired)




Note:The shape of the magnet is the same for Pre-wired Models and Terminal Block Models, but the magnet specifications are different.

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