European Standard Charging Plug

Product Characteristics

With exquisite appearance, its hand-held design is in line with principles of ergonomics,easy to plug in and pull out.

It conforms to IEC62196-2 and IEC62196-1 standards.

With superior protection performance, its protection level reaches IP44.








Electrical Parameter

Rated Current16A/32A
Rated Voltage240V/415V
Insulation>1000MΩ, DC(500V)
Terminal temperature rise<50K
Withstand Voltage2000V
Contact Resistance0.5mΩMax

Mechanical Performance 

no-load plug in/pull out>5000times
Coupled geinsertion force>45N<80N
Withstanding lmpact ForceAffordable for falling from one-meter height and two-ton car crush

Ambient Condition 

Ambient Temperature(working)-30℃~+50℃

Major Material 

Case MaterialUL94V-0 Reinforced Themoplastic, UL94V-0
Contact bushCopper Alloy, Ag Plated

Modle Selection And Standard Wiring 

ModelRated CurrentCable specofocation
NDeEC-EV32/132-TC232A Single phase3×6mm 2 +2×0.5mm 2
NDeEC-EV32/332-TC232A Three phase3×6mm 2 +2×0.5mm 2

Appearance and Installation Size

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