EKM1-63DC 4P MCB Minature Circiut Breaker

EKM1-63DC 4P MCB Minature Circiut BreakerEKM1-63DC 4P MCB Minature Circiut Breaker


Anson EKM1-63 Series PV DC Isolator Switches are mainly be used in PV solar power system, which are applied for DC solar combiner box, controller etc. The Max voltage up to 1200VDC, current up to 63A, with the function of effective disconnection and Anti-reflux protevtion. Scientific design of arc-extinguishing system keep PV system more safe.








PV Series Circuit BreakerEKM1-63 DC
Degree Rated Current63A
Ultimate Breaking capacity6KA
Rated Current In1A2A3A4A6A10A16A32A40A50A63A
Number Poles Voltage1P2P3P4P
Rated Operating Voltage Ue250V500V750V1000V
Cyrve TypeB,C
Wiring Capacity (mm2)In≤32A, 1mm2~25 mm2; 1≥40A,10 mm2~35 mm2
Ambient Temperature (℃)15℃+65℃
Standard TestEN/IEC 60947-2
Rated Impulse Withstand voltage Uimp4000V
Installation CategoryClass III
CharacteristicThermal Operating Limit1.05-1.30 xln
Magnetic OperatingB (4-7) xln
C (7-15) xln
Installation35mm DIN rail

Dimensions and Wiring Diagram

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