AX-MS 6way Surface Distribution Box

AX-MS 6way Surface Distribution BoxAX-MS 6way Surface Distribution Box

Application: Suitable for indoor and outdoor electric, communication, fire fighting apparatus, iron and steel smelting, petrochemical industry, electron, power system, railway, building, mine, air and sea port, hotel, ship, works, waste water treatment equipment, environmental equipment and so on.








Body material: ABS
Transparent door: PC
Earth/Natural bars: Brass
Material characteristic: Impact, heat, low temperature and chemical resistance, excellent electrical performance and surface gloss, etc.
Certificates: CE, ROHS
Protection grade: IP50
1. Inside: There are din rail inside for din-rail type circuit breakers, earth bar and natural bar for cable connection.
2. Outside: The products can be directly fixed on the wall or other flat boards with screw holes in the base.
Outlet hole: The plastic plate in the hole can be knocked off for cables.


Product Parameters

Model CodeOutside Dimension (mm)G.Weight (KG)N.Weight (KG)Qty/CartonCarton Dimension (cm)
AX-MS 4way1122009511.58.73051x36x45.5
AX-MS 6way1482009514.911.53051×42.5×50
AX-MS 8way1842009516.712.83052×43.5×59.5
AX-MS 10way22220095139.82051x43x55
AX-MS 12way2562009514.811.52052x43x55
AX-MS 15way3102009512.89.91550.5×33.5×64
AX-MS 18way3652229515.212.81552x38x71
AX-MS 24way2713259713.210.31055x35x57.5
AX-MS 36way27146210018.514.8554.5×28.5×48


AX-MS 36way Surface Distribution Box

AX-MS 6way Surface Distribution Box AX-MS 6way Surface Distribution Box

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