ASW-2S Waterproof British Standard Socket

ASW-2S Waterproof British Standard SocketASW-2S Waterproof British Standard Socket

The waterproof switch & socket is suitable for the ports, shipping, cold storage, car washing and kitchen, bathroom, balcony, such as washing machines placed in damp or spray more environment. Operation can be through the transparent membrane directly. Can be equipped with belt joint module series accessories and basic series; Framework can be installed in front of the fastening screw on the base of enough cable wiring space, make the installation Powder compact and reliable, convenient maintenance, ensure the protection grade is IP55 are closed.

  • Protection Degree: IP55
  • Material: ABS/Flame retardant PC
  • Low Temperature:   -20℃ to 55℃
  • Rated Voltage: 110V-250V
  • Rated Current: 13A-16A
  • Colour: Grey RAL 7035
  • Reference Standard: IEC60670
  • Recognition Certificate: CE, VDE, CCC
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