ACC1-1210N Reversing Contactor


ACC1-N series “anxele” brand Reversing Contactor is especially used for low voltage shunt capacitor. And it

widely used in reactive power compensation equipment with AC 50/60HZ and voltage 380V, inrush

current system in the contactor can decrease shock to capacitor and lower switching overvoltagein

while breaking a circuit. Moreover, lt can replace transfer device which are composed of one contactor

and three current limiting reactors, its feature is small, light, joins convenient and reliable, hige

capacity of turning on/off.

This product conforms to GB14048.4、IEC60947-4-1 standard.




  • Ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃, the average value should not exceed+35℃ within 24 hours.
  • Elevation: at most 2000m.
  • Atmospheric conditions: When the temperature at 40℃, the relative humidity of atomsphere should

be at the most 50%. When at relatively low temperatures, it could have higher relative humidity. Monthly

maximum relative humidity could be not more than 90%. Special measures should be taken due to

occurrence of dews.

  • Class of pollution: Class 3
  • Installation category:Ⅲ
  • Installation conditions: Degree of inclination between fitting surface and vertical surface should not


  • Impact shock:Product should be installed and used in the place where often shakes and impacts.

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